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Military aircraft operations in all branches consider operational readiness to be key to their mission. And hangar safety is key to operational readiness!

Trisoft Military Airfield Layout Graphic

Airfield Layout

The layout of airfield facilities should be functional to permit operational efficiency and provide safety conditions for aircraft operations. This figure shows an example of an airfield layout intended to provide guidance to AOB planners. The following factors should be considered for functionality.

Aircraft operations often require a lot of activity with a large number of aircraft and personnel in a very limited amount of space.

And time is almost always a factor.

Even a minor bump to a trailing edge of a high-performance aircraft can impact its readiness to deploy. And even a minor scrape when an airman scrapes an eyebrow across an antenna can impact a mission.

Trisoft covers can be a valuable part of the safety procedures of any military aircraft operation.

We understand that any equipment used on the ramp or in the hangar needs to be easy to include in procedures, easy to train, easy to verify consistent compliance, and easy to install and remove.

We have worked with military partners to design custom kits for the F-15, the F-16, F/A18, F-22, F-35, T-38, and A-29. We also have covers for ground equipment, tugs, toolboxes, racks and lifts. All of our covers are made from high-density, impact-resistant, chemical resistant, in high visibility bright red that (we think) frankly looks fantastic on military aircraft. And our covers are VERY easy to spot a cover that was inadvertently left on (or left off) of a surface with a quick visual inspection of the hangar or ramp.


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