Gulfstream Protection Kits



Kits provide full protection for all belly antenna and drain mast, front gear doors, entire trailing edge, and static wicks. Trailing edge covers are pre-cut to allow full maintenance functions of flaps, ailerons etc. without the need to remove covers.

Large Cabin Protection Kits:

TAP-500: Fits all Large Cabin Models (GIII-G550)
(one kit fitsGIII-G550)
(This kit is best for facilities with multiple models)

TAP-GIII: Fits Gulfstream GIII only​

TAP-GIV/G450: Fits Gulfstream GIV-G450 only

TAP-GV: Fits Gulfstream GV only

TAP-G550: Fits Gulfstream G550 only

TAP-G650: Fits Gulfstream G650 only

TAP-G500 and G600: (please contact us for pricing)

Mid Cabin Protection Kits:

TAP-200: Small Tap Kit: Fits Mid Cabin Models

(this kit is best for facilities with multiple models)

For Pricing and information on individual Mid Cabin Models, Please feel free to contact us


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